About us


Since 1991, JK’S ENGINEERING WORKS has continually set the industry standard for durability, evidenced by numerous machines operating at customer locations to this day. As important as reliability, however, JK’S ENGINEERING WORKS pace-setting technology that enables you to cut energy costs, increase capacity, minimizes maintenance and boost efficiency while producing higher quality products. Whether your application is small, large, straightforward or problematic, JK’S ENGINEERING WORKS can produce it with unequalled cost effectiveness.

  • semi automatic Roti(chapati) making machine
  • manual Roti(chapati)making machine
  • Fully Automatic Roti(Chapati) Making Machine
  • Flour Mixing machine
  • dough ball making machine


    Specification in the manufacture of food machinery, Founded in 1991, JK’S ENGINEERING WORKS is one of the oldest continuously operated businesses in Gujarat State. JK’S ENGINEERING WORKS integrates the scientific research, manufacture, complete equipment supply and sales together. The formula for its continued success is an unwavering commitment to quality and service, and as a result, to long lasting customer relationships. The company was founded on the philosophy that customers demand quality equipment engineered to specification and provided at a competitive price. Through the generations, JK’S ENGINEERING WORKS has never compromised on this principle, and is respected as an industry leader and innovator for its precision size reduction equipment like pulverizes, crushing rollers, i.e. chapatti making machines (roti making machines), Semi automatic Roti (chapatti) making machines, Manual Roti(chapatti) making Machine, Fully Automatic Roti(chapatti) making machine, floor making machine, mixer grinder blenders, multipurpose vegetable cutting machines. Through its efforts in solving the most difficult of mixing, blending, size reduction and other food processing problems encountered by customers through most of two decade JK’S ENGINEERING WORKS has continuously improved the performance of its equipment to a level unmatched by any comparable manufacturer worldwide.

    High Performance

    Our machines are made to last. Every machine we manufacture is of the highest standards for the industry, and we take pride in the quality that we produce.

    Consistent Profit

    By making your Roti(chapati)making machine, on the spot, you give your customers a lasting impression of quality and efficiency they will return for, adding to your work success.

    Easily Setup & Customizable

    Our Roti(Chapati)Making Machine machines arrive to you assembled. Add a few pieces and you are ready to go.

    Small Footprint

    No matter what space you have, we have a machine for you! Customize your machine to fit your space.

    Single-Person Operation

    Low labor costs! Only one person required to operate your machine!

    Your Competetive Edge

    In-house production of fresh flour tortillas and tamales will give you an edge on your competition! Customers will return for the quality and consistency of your food!